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CHOSEN- Season 2

Project Type: Television Show


Director:  Ben Ketai

Producers: Ryan Lewis, Ben Ketai, Milo Ventimiglia

Description: Season two of Crackle’s original series picks up where the first left off, as Ian (Milo Ventimiglia) and Laura Mitchell (Nicky Whelan) take their daughter Ellie and hide out in a remote cabin hoping to escape the game and pull their family back together. Back in the city, we meet Jacob Orr (Chad Michael Murray), a down-and-out bartender who is struggling to make ends meet as he takes care of his handicapped brother. On the way home from a party thrown by his millionaire best friend, Max Banyan (Brandon Routh), Jacob finds “the box” on his passenger seat. After being shot at by another “hunter,” Jacob quickly realizes that he has been thrust into the deadly game. He must rely on his most basic survival instincts to protect his new love interest, Avery Sharp (Sarah Roemer), and his brother — all while being forced to hunt down a target of his own.


Costume Designer: Phoenix Mellow

Cast: Chad Michael Murray, Milo Ventimiglia, Nicky Whelan, Sarah Roemer, Brandon


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