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In 200 Characters or Less (2009)

Plot:Michael (Jeffrey Bader), a TV soap opera writer is pressured by his colleague Simon (Gordon Del Giorno) to sign up for an on-line dating service. When Michael is asked to describe himself in 200 characters or less, his journey of escaping loneliness begins. Yet, nothing is quick and easy! Far from providing a simple response to his quest, this website prompts a new journey and poses the ultimate question: can technology be the ultimate cupid?" "


Written by Frederic Skrzypek


Produced by: Frederic Skrzypek in association with Cinemagic Production


Directed by: Mauro Giuffrida


Starring: Jeffrey Bader, Manuela Farina and Gordon Del Giorno.


Costume Designer: Phoenix Mellow

© 2014 by Phoenix Mellow/ phoenixmellow@gmail.com